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Monday, June 23, 2014

06/23/2014 Report

Fishing walleye has been great with good reports coming in from East to West. 26 to 46 feet from Vermilion all the way to Geneva is scattered pockets of fish. Lorain area has had a hot Reef Runner bite. Running 45 to 85 back with Emerald Shiner, Venomous as well as others are all catching fish. The harness bite is also hot, pulling double willows behind jets and dipsy's, in lines, tadpoles and Colorados in pinks and purples have all been taking limits. Walleye fishing has been about as good as it gets this past weekend.
Perch fishing has been picking up in front off Lorain light house and in front of Miller road boat launch. 

Details coming soon!

Saturday, June 14, 2014


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Walleye fishing has been great. Fish are spread from Huron to Cleveland in 24 to 44 feet of water. Worm harnesses in purple and anti freeze pink and anti freeze chartreuse have all been hot. Skinny Stix and Reef Runners in bare naked , pearl ghost as well as others are all working. Spoons in purples as well as pinks are pulling fish as well. Its been a great week and you can almost pick your own poison the bite has been so good.
Perch fishing has gotten better with good size fish coming from 28-30 feet off the fog horn in Lorain and Avon Point.
Pan fishing and small mouth fishing in are rivers has remained good.

  Have a great fathers day weekend!

Friday, June 6, 2014

06/06/2014 Report

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Walleye fishing has remained good from Huron to Cleveland. Look for fish inside 28 feet and deeper than 34. Reef Runners and JT Custom Husky's in Lights Out,Green Flash as well as Pink Pantie Bare Naked have been good. Pink and purple double bladed willows as well as slow rolling Colorado's have also been good. Fish depths have varied from the to 15 to the bottom 15 so dont get stuck in a pattern.
Perch fishing has remained decent this week with the best spots being, Northwest of the Lorain fog horn and East of Avon Point in 28-34 feet of water.
River fishing for smallmouth and crappie has been good in Vermilion, Cuyahoga, and Black rivers.
Have a great week-end...

Monday, June 2, 2014

06/02/2014 report

This past week gave us stable weather for the most part and we were rewarded with crammed live wells.
Walleye fishing was good from Vermilion to Cleveland. Small schools of fish have been scattered from shallow rocks, 12 feet all the way out to 46 feet. Worm harnesses and cranks ran in the to 15 feet and the bottom 10 have both been working with Ghost fish being a pleasant surprise
(Ghost fish=fish to high to see with finder). Reef Runners, JT Custom Husky's and perfect 10's in bare naked's and shades of green all working. Willow and Colorado blade choice has been anything in anti-freeze, pink backs and green and gold also been good. The past week has also fired the perch up off of Avon Point and Lorain Lighthouse in 28 to 32 feet of water. Shiners have been plentiful and are running a nice size. River fishing will depend on the next few days rain but has remained good for crappie and smallmouth. Small spinners, jigs and minnows are all taking fish. The Fish-Crazy Derby board is changing almost everyday ,check back often for updates.
Its not to late to get in on some really cool prizes and a pocket full of cash.

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