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Monday, July 25, 2011

Great Week-end

Walleye fishing has fired up big time here from Huron to Avon. Reports coming in from as shallow as 8' out to 30 feet. Reef Runner , Pink Panties, Purple Demon as well as most Bare Nakeds. Fish are still being taken from North of the bar on harnesses as well ,down 26' to 32'. Perch fishing to every ones surprise is still very good and limits are expected.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Walleye / perch

Another great weekend in the bank. Limits of perch are still coming in at a steady pace. 34-42 feet from Beaver to Avon Point all seem to be producing perch in the 7-10" range with some jumbos mixed in.Walleyes are still being caught inside the 30 line from Lorain to Ruggles but beware there is a lot of junk in there. Inside Reef Runners in mooneye minnow are a great bet. The 36line and North still have the most fish and harnesses have been best. The full moon has past so Emeralds are once again plentiful.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Walleye/Perch Hot July

Walleye fishing has remained great if your willing to make the run. Ran out to the line last night and with 3 quick passes 18 in the boat. Colorado's pink and copper backs, 65 to 85 back on a 2oz at 1.4-1.6. The run took longer than it did to catch the fish. Fish are also being caught in tight from Ruggles Beach to Lorain but sorting will be necessary. Perch fishing to every ones surprise is great. 30-38 feet is tops and if bite slows start fishing off the bottom,fish have been suspending.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


The sandbar is heating up! Walleyes are being caught from 39-52 feet with Reef Runners and harnesses still being top bet. Fish seem to be holding 28 feet down and best bite is early and late in the day. To are surprise the perch are still firing in 29-40 feet and just East of Lorain to Avon Point are still the best spots.
I personally ran Reef Runners at the 34-16 line at 2.2 MPH and produced 14 big fish in just a few hours. Gatorbait, citrus shad as well as green flash all took fish.......

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