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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sheffield Lake Giant Walleye!

Sheffield Lake has produced another giant, this 14pound 4 ounce huge was caught in 28' trolling a Green Flash Reef Runner. Over all the walleye fishing has remained good. A limit can be hard to come bye but good catches of 6-8 ponders with a giant mixed in is common. The best catches are coming on pink and purple worm harnesses. Scorpion spoons are also pulling good numbers trolled 18-28 feet down in water 38 to 52 feet of water.
Perch fishing is requiring alittle moving to find active feeders but over all with alittle effort and you can catch a limit in 34-42 feet of water.
A big thanks to the men and women who have served this country!

Monday, May 21, 2012


With stable weather the walleye fishing has been as good as it gets. Fish are being found from Cleveland West in good numbers. Off shore trollers like MY BONNIE charters pictured above are pulling limits trolling Stingers, Reef Runners and Worm Harnesses. Perch fishing has been alittle tuffer this week but all exspectations are it will get better as they finish up spawning. Guys looking for schools off shore in 48-52 feet are still taking good size and numbers.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Good Luck!

                 Good Luck to all the fisherman fishing the FLW walleye tour today.
 The walleye fishing has remained good from the Western basin all the way threw Cleveland. The night bite has been the focus of the locals lately with the Lake producing trophy fish. Husky Jerks and Bombers are top choice in blue chrome and clown. The day bite is good between 22-32 feet, worm harnesses as well as Reef Runners are working best.
 Perch fishing has been good off of Avon Point and Lorain break wall. 42 feet has been producing nice limits. Looks like a great week end!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Night Bite!Day Bite!

From Cleveland West the night walleye bite is firing big time. Husky Jerks in Fire tiger and clown all taking fish. The day bite has also been heating up along any rock shore line. Reef Runners in Citrus Shad as well as Gator bait are both working. 1.4-1.6mph 20-40 back. Look for bait and you will find fish.
 Perch has been great at times and slow the very nice day , I think stable weather will turn them on and keep them biting. 38-42 feet are getting the best reports.
 Crappie and blue gill fishing in all the marinas is also worth the trip specially if the lake is rough.

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