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Monday, December 9, 2013

12/9/2013 Walleye/Steelhead

Night walleye fishing is still top notch. Troller's and casters alike are taking fish from 72 to Huron. Husky Jerks , F18s and Perfect tens are all working well. The day bite has also been good in 25 to 35 feet running baits about 10 feet down.
Steelhead fishing is finally picking up with good reports from Chagrin, Grand and Conneaut. Jigs , minnows , spawn as well as large fly's are all taking fish. Ice and slush can be tough first thing in the morning and a freeze up is possible. Tail outs and slow water has been the best bet.
The past week we took a boat up Vermilion and trolled Flatfish 25 to 40 back and had good success boating 7 in a few hours. Silver blue and silver chartreuse were both good. As long as the water stays open the low river and harbors will stay good.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

11/11/2013 Thank You to all the Veteran's Today.

 Colder temperatures and rain fall has brought a run of dime silver steelhead into Ohio's rivers. Look for the numbers to increase as days pass. Fishermen have been catching on a variety of baits including fly's, spawn and jigs.

Walleye fishing is at its finest, day and night fishermen are all catching fish from Cleveland to the Islands. Guys are running stick baits ,f18, perfect 10s and Huskys, in a variety of colors with firetiger and clown being best. Shore casters are also catching fish from almost any ware they can gain access to water. The bite seems to start as early as 8:00 o'clock till dusk. Husky jerks are top producer as well as rattle traps for guys fishing deeper water.

Remember to thank a Veteran today for all the freedoms we can enjoy because of they're sacrifices.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Kings running are sister rivers to the East and the West signal falls arrival. Steelhead are making they're way up river with are latest rain. With warmer temps fish can be aggressive and be taken on a variety of bait, jigs and fly's.
Perch fishing is at the seasons best. Avon Lake, Sheffield Lake and Lorain are giving limits of 10" and better perch.
Walleye fishing off Vermilion and Huron have both fired up as well. Worm harnesses and cranks trolled in the bottom 10' and to 10' in 38-45' have been best with [plenty of 8# fish and better. Purples have stayed good with pink being a strong second. Night trolling has also been producing limits with silver blue Husky's.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

 Leaves have started to change and fall brings the best perch fishing yet. Limits of great perch are being taken from 41-46 feet of Avon Point as well as Lorain. With stable weather this week it shows no signs of slowing down.
 Steelhead have started to show up ,low rivers will hold the best number with Eastern Creeks having more fish. White jigs, minnows as well as eggs have all been catching.

Monday, August 26, 2013


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Walleye fishing has really heated up on the Southwest of the sand bar. Double willows have been best. Perch fishing has been spotty but a move or 2 in 38-46 feet should put a limit or 2 in the box. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

With stable weather the next few days fishing should continue to heat up. Walleye fishing has been good off Avon Point, Lorain dump and the edges of the sand bar. Worm harnesses and spinners are best bet. Greens and florescent colors have been best. Perch fishing has heated off Sheffield Lake with limits being pulled in 33-36 feet.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The past few weeks has brought us some great walleye fishing. The North side of the bar has been producing limit after limit. If your willing to make the long run you will ketch your fish. Worm harnesses and Reef Runners in pinks and greens have been working. The inshore bite at Avon Point and Cranberry Creek area has been good trolling along the bottom. Limits can be had but be prepared with a lot of bait because the JUNK is heavy.
Perch fishing has been good in 41-45 foot off Avon Point and Beaver Creek. Steelheading is also heating up with orange spoons being hot. Look for these East of the 00 and North of the 40 line.

The plans for the Eric Lewis Memorial Tournament are going great. Please get signed up early if all possible to make plans easier. A huge thanks to all the people helping out and all the generous donations.

Monday, July 15, 2013


The heat wave on land has heated up the perch fishing on water. Look for limits in 34-42 feet of water off Avon Lake power plant stacks. Walleye fishing has also remained good ,with the inside bite off Cranberry over to Waterworks in Lorain and from Sheffield Lake to Avon Point. The boats running off the North side of the bar out to the weather buoy. Harnesses ,spoons and Reef Runners in pinks and purples are all working. Look for fish in the top 23 feet. White bass are also running Avon Lake and are hitting white or green wiggle spoons, hair jigs or plastics. Steelhead have started off shore ,North of the 40 line off the point but fish are scattered and you need to cover a lot of water. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013


 Local fishing has remained strong.
Walleye are being caught inside Lorain sand bar from Vermilion to Beaver as well as the North side of bar out to Vermilion Weather buoy. Worm harnesses in pinks and purples are still best. The in shore bite is still strong from Sheffield Lake to Avon Point. Reef Runners in a variety of colors fished off boards in the top 15 feet are best bet. Perch fishing is still fired up with limits being caught daily. 34-42 feet of water from Lorain to the point has had the best reports.
The big winners this week ,Ty and Logan Ritchie caught the prize winning fish in the Hooks for Hunger Tournament this past week. Local anglers teamed up with local businesses to raise a pile of cash for CRS a local charity that helps out residents that have fallen on hard times.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Traditionally this is the time steelhead fire up off Avon Point. Large silver spoons trolled right along the thermocline is generally the top choice. Stingers, Silver streak and LakerTakers are all good choices.

Walleye fishing has remained great in front of Beaver and off the Vermilion Weather buoy Reef Runners trolled deep in purples, browns and pinks are all catching. Bottom bouncing rock piles in 28 to 41 feet have also produced numbers the last week. Gold blades with purple and pink blades have been to producer.
Perch fishing has also stayed hot in 42 feet just East of Lorain.

Monday, June 24, 2013


Walleye fishing has remained great, pockets of fish are being caught from Vermilion Weather Buoy to the Cleveland dump. Reef Runner Bare Nakeds in shades of purples , worm harnesses in lime greens, purples and pinks as well as spoons have all been working. The fish Sunday remained deep until late afternoon.
Perch fishing the past few days was good in 36-42 feet off Sheffield Lake. and Avon Lake smoke stacks. Minnows will be getting tuff wile the full moon last.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Walleye fishing is red hot from Lorain to Geneva with good numbers and great size catches being reported. From Lorain to Cleveland fish are being caught running worm harnesses and Reef Runners in 28-41'. Pinks and purples are still hot with orange starting to pick up. Fish East have been running out to 62' and dipsy's and spoons have been working great.
Perch fishing is has also been good in the Sheffield area in 34-41' just West of the launch. These are truly some of the best size perch we have seen in years.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Walleye fishing is continuing to heat up. The shoreline has been producing from Vermilion to Avon Point. Reef Runners in pinks and purples are both working. Great catches are also starting North of the Lorain sand bar to the Vermilion Weather buoy. Silver Streak and Stinger spoons in a variety of colors are taking fish. Fish are rising and dropping in water column so change depths often. Perch fishing has been great with limits coming in 32-38 feet from Beaver to Avon Point.

Welcome NWT walleye fisherman. Good luck this week!

Friday, May 31, 2013


Walleye fishing has been picking up from Vermilion to Rocky River. Reef Runners, spoons, as well as harnesses are all taking fish. Look for active fish in the top 20 feet, pinks and purples are best colors. Perch fishing has also heated up in 32-38 feet with Lorain Lighthouse and Saint Anthony's being the hot spot. Guys fishing jigging spoons are also taking walleyes wile perching. Black River is also still producing rock bass, crappies and bluegill around docks or any wood near surface of river. Good luck to all the tournament fishermen, fishing gals this week end.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

05/23/2013 Report

Spring night bite is still going strong! Husky Jerks on 20-35foot leads in 12 to 18 feet of water is best bet. Look for action between Vermilion and Cleveland. Fisherman during the day are also catching fish in 32-48 feet off Beaver to Avon Point. Harnesses and Reef Runners in pinks and purples are working best. Speeds and depths very almost everyday.
Perch fishing has also been good from Lorain to Cleveland in 32-42 feet. Shiners have been plentiful but a full moon is coming so shiners will get hard to get a few days.
Harbors are still filled with pan fish, Crappies, gills and rock bass in all sizes have filled coolers the last week. Black River as well as others has filled with catfish the last week giving anglers a great opportunity to catch some big fish
Memorial Week End Sale on Shimano Tekotas , and Shimano Convergence telescopic board rods.

A big thanks to all the members of the United States Military for all you have given us!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


                                                           Special Spring Savings!
Reels in all makes and models including new Okuma Cold Water and Shimano Tekota trolling reels. New blades, reefs and huskys are all in stock.

  Fishing is starting to heat up, local harbors are filled with crappies. Small power tubes ,hackle jigs and minnows are best bets.
  Perch fishing has been good in 38-44 feet North of Lorain and Avon Point. Stable weather should mean good perching the next few days. Shiners are ready available at this point in the season.
  Walleye fishing has been heating up. Worm fishermen have been pulling pink and purple Colorado harnesses .8-1.2 in the top 25 feet at the Lorain Dump has been good. The inshore trollers have been contour trolling from Cranberry to Beaver are also taking fish. Fishing should continue to get even better as water warms.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

04/28/2013 area report.

The walleye night bite has been picking up the last few days. Clown and pink clown Husky Jerks(hj14) have been best. Trolling 16-28' of water is also producing walleyes during the day. Guys casting jerk baits in 6-12' of water are also catching huge smallmouth. Look for Harbor mouth perch fishing to also heat up. Limits have been taken from Lorain and Cleveland light houses. Rivers are dropping and steelhead are finishing up they're spawn. The next week or 2 may be your last opportunity.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Spring has finally arrived!
 Perching at Lorain has started and is producing limits.
 Steelhead are in the rivers.
Walleye are heating up at the Islands.

Steelhead are waiting on rain to make they're final push, with plenty of fish in the system its worth enjoying a early morning or late afternoon casting a favorite hole. Walleye have been taking purple hair jigs ,as well as trolling huskys. Seyka's Fuchsia Tiger as well as pinks and purples have been best.    Local crappie fishing as well as gills are also loading into are marinas. Minnows and tube jigs and hair jigs tipped with maggots have all been working. The next few weeks will be great to pull out a pair of waders, put the boat in, or  a few young fishermen and head out for pan fish. We just stocked the shelves with a full line of lure storage, new 2013 colors and all your needs to get out and enjoy the spring.

                Dont forget to get out and sign up for the Spring Fling Walleye Derby.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


 Rivers are full of steelhead ,crappies are in the marinas and walleyes are ready to bite.
The reef fishing in the Western Basin has fired and solid catches are being reported.
Trolling deep huskies has produced the first few limits of the season. White based baits as well as purples and pinks have started working. Jig fishermen are having a harder start than the trollers so far. Generally purple jigs will start as soon as the fish hit the reefs. River fishermen are also reported fish moving up as well.
 Steelheaders are reporting nice pushes of fish. Jigs, minnows as well as spawn have all been working. Fish are starting to hit gravel ,with fresh fish moving threw with every rain. Please try to show spawner some respect.
Pan fishing has also started with marinas starting to see crappies, blue gills with bonus small mouth here and there.

 Also a special note. Ross Robertson and Curtis Nieddermier have just released a new book WALLEYE TROLLING. Its a great read with lots of new tricks that even a seasoned troller will find helpful.

Friday, March 15, 2013


 Spring is coming and so are the wallye. Fish are heading up the rivers and staging on the reefs. Jig tossers and early husky trollers will be on fish this weekend and next week. Purples and pinks are always a great way to start the season. Dont forget about the spring fling walleye derby.
 Recent rains and warming temps will bring in fresh runs. Fish are hitting spawning beds with every warm up. Jigs, sacs as well as flys are all taking fish.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

 With warmer temps arriving later this week so will fresh pushes of fish. Spring runs are traditionally the best runs of the season so look for rivers to really load up. Fish are already in upper stretches in fish able numbers. Spawn, jigs and flies will all be taken fish.
 With walleye fishing just around the corner the shop is filling with this years new colors, rods and the latest in trolling tackle. We would love to have you stop bye and check us out.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Starting to feel like spring is approaching. The shelves of the store are starting to fill with this years newest products. As we prepare for the up coming season steelhead are starting to load up in the local rivers. Look for good pushes with every high water or warm front we see the next few weeks. Fish will be the highest in numbers we have seen yet. Spawn ,jigs as well as many fly patterns are all working. Fish are spread threw out the system with a majority of fish still hanging in winter holes. Hope in the next few weeks you can all stop bye and see the newest colors and product for this years walleye season.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


A few bucks can go along way.
 is a link to help out Mike Durkalec. Do to my limited computer skills you may have to cut and paste link in your browser. Will continue to work on this. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
 Rivers are starting to thaw and seems to be plenty of big fish around. Rivers will most likely rise the next few days to bring in even more fish. Spawn ,jigs as well as flys will all be working. Reports are coming in from upper and lower rivers ,so fish are spread out. Look for numbers to increase and fishing to get even better as spring runs start to enter the system.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Mother nature is at it again. Rivers are have started to freeze and will lock up the next few days. Look for discharges and power plants to be best. If you get any time check out a friends blog, . Everyone keep warm and enjoy Super Bowl weekend.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


With warmer temps approaching rivers should open up the next few days. With plenty of fish in the system, fishing should be good. Look for spawn ,minnows as well as a variety of fly patterns to all be working. Shelf ice and ice flows can make thing dangerous, please be careful.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Rivers have dropped and reports of fresh fish are being caught almost everyware. Spawn, jigs as well as many flys are all taking fish. Large fish have been a good surprise this season with alot of fish over 10 pounds. Saturdays warm up will make for a great day ,and all rivers will be in play. With the lake flat guys are still getting out on the lake. Trolling deep huskys ,as well as jiging have been taking fish. 17-36 feet of water from Vermilion to the Islands have both been solid.Perch fishing has been spotty but when they turn on its real good in 29-32 feet of water. The past few weeks have been tuff on steelhead alley. We have lost a few and have a few fighting for they're lifes. Please take some time to think about those around you.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


With recent snow melt and rainfall are rivers are high and un-fishable the next few days. River temps have also rose and we should see some of this years best runs. Fish should be spread threw out the system. Spawn, large jigs and streamers should all work when river drops. As the rivers drop and temps decrease look for fish in tailouts.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1/9/13 Steelhead

Local steelhead streams are warming and fresh pushes of fish are heading up river. Ice and snow are all but gone, and all river are in play. Look for action to be the hottest in the warmest part of everyday. Spawn, minnows, jigs as well as a variety of flys will all be working. With 50 plus degree days look to do some walking to get away crowds.

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