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Saturday, December 29, 2012

12/29/12 Steelhead

Happy Holidays and ring in the New Year with some great fishing! Local steelheading has remained good. Water level is staying up and slush hasn't been to bad. Fresh fish are pushing everyday with lots of big fish being caught. Eggs, beads, jigs as well as big streamers are all catching fish. With good water fish are evenly spread threw out are rivers.
 Walleye fishing has slowed but only due to conditions, as lake flattens and cleans look for more great walleye action.
 Picture stolen from Great Lakes Steelhead Co. They have the best bead selection going!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12/19/2012 Steelhead

Recent rains have left rivers high and muddy but with warmer temps as they drop should leave us a fresh batch of chromers. Look for fish to be spread threw out the system and in tributary's from Vermilion to the P.A. border. Look for smaller tribs to fish tomorrow and larger tribs to clear in the next few days. Large jigs have been working well in lower rivers, spawn and swinging streamers have also been producing fish up river. Night walleye are still being caught from Lorain and Huron pier heads. Trollers are taking good fish from Huron to Cleveland trolling Husky Jerks in a variety of colors. The guys fishing the Islands as well as Catawba are also catching fish on Husky Deep divers in JT Custom Tackles ,Pink Lemonade, Happy Hooker, Carter Crazy and Mixed Veg.
 Perch fishing has finally returned to Avon Lake and Lorain, look for fishing 32-35 feet of water. Guys jigging Swedish pimps wile perching have been taking a few trophy walleye as well.

Friday, December 14, 2012

12/14/2012 Steelhead/Night Walleye

With last rain plenty of dime bright chromers made the run. Look for all local creeks and rivers to all be holding fish. Fishing should stay great until the rivers drop to low and clear. Spawn bags have been working in higher water and jigs and flys in green to clean water.

Night walleye has continued from shore and trolling the shore line. Fish seem to be in very tight packs. If you don't hit right away, cover water. Husky Jerks in blue chrome and blue glass have been tops.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Rain is falling and with warm temps good things are happening. Reports of fresh pushes of steelhead are being reported from tributary's from Vermilion to the New York border. Jigs and hardware are working great in the marina and launch areas. Spawn bags and egg patterns have been working in upper river. With week-end rains we can expect to see even more fish push up river.
 Night walleye are still going strong ,Husky Jerks in Blue Glass and Blue Chrome have been this past weeks best.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Rivers are slowly rising and should continue to the next few days with up coming rain. We should see a fresh push and numbers increase. Look for the best bite to be in the warmest part of the day. Jigs , streamers as well as sacs will all be working. 
Night walleye fishing has remained great. Husky Jerks and F18 Rapalas have been best. Congratulations to the Fall Brawl contestants and a awesome finish!
1. Bret Berkey 14.5 30.25inches
2.Melissa Sugrue 13.34 30inches
3. Mike Petruska 13.165 30.5inches
4.Gary Zart 12.80 29inches
5. Jim Ackerman 12.190 30.25inches
6. Gary Hackman 12.08 29.75inches
7.Bill Miller 11.98 31inches
8.Mike Sugrue 11.905 29.00inch

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