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Monday, November 28, 2011


Looks like winter is finally here. Rivers are all blown with recent rains, Lake Erie looks like a cup of hot chocolate , and deer hunters are trying to find ways to stay dry. Welcome to Northern Ohio. A great time to get the hooks sharpened ,spawn tied or the jigs you've been putting off. With a few dry days rivers will drop in and be loaded with fresh steel. With any luck maybe fit in another walleye trip before she freezes.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Nov 25 and 60 Degrees

Hope everyone had a great holiday. Night walleye fishing is in full swill. Casters and trollers all taking fish. The first few hours of darkness still seem to be the best time. Husky Jerks as well as F-18 in perch colors are best. Day walleyes are still being taken running Reef Runners 15-20 feet down in 30-40 feet of water of Vermilion.
Perch fishing is best off Avon-Sheffield Lake area in 25-28 feet of water.
With recent rains rivers are dropping and will be full of fresh chrome. Fish will be spread out the system and will take numerous baits. With temps in the high 50s the next few days they activity lever and fighting ability will be top notch.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Great fishing!

The steelhead fishing has hit a high this week. The rivers are filled with fresh chrome fish as you can see from above, Jeff as well as many others have found them. They are taking jigs ,spawn as well as many fly patterns. As long as flows stay good fishing will remain good.
Walleye fishing is still firing in front of Vermilion over to Huron in 16-32 feet of water. Reef Runner 800s are still a great choice. Night bite walleye are in full swing with Huskys and j-18s. Pier heads break walls and any ware you can get a line wet can produce trophy fish after dark at this time of year.
The shop will be closed Monday threw Thursday this week. Anyone who needs to weigh in for the fall brawl need to contact Frank Murphy at 1-216-221-2822.
Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Winter Coming

Night bite walleye are in full swing. Husky Jerks, F-18 as well as Rip Stix all taking fish. The shore line from Huron from Cleveland are all producing. Recent rains have left rivers high but in the next few days we will see the years best steelhead fishing so far. Fish should be spread threw out the system. Spawn, jigs, as well as a variety of flys will all work well.

Monday, November 7, 2011


This weeks blow have stirred things up but reports of perch off Avon Point to Rocky River are rolling in. Walleye have stayed strong from Vermilion to Huron. Reef Runners 100 to 150 back in pink lemonaid ,pink panties, as well as many other bare naked. Steelhead fishing has remained strong early morning and late evenings in low river and marinas. Steady pressure and low water have left fishing up river tuff. Rain is needed badly to get a fresh run. BIG THANKS to the Great Lakes Steelhead Co. for the killer bead assortment shown above...........

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Walleye fishing is as good as it gets. North of Vermilion trolling Reef Runners has been the best bet. White Perch,Green Flash,Pink Panties have all been working. Perch fishing has finally picked up. Lorain to Avon Point in 26-36 feet have been best. Steelhead fishing with recent rains is also very good. Jigs, eggs, flys as well as throwing spoons have all been good.

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Call Us at The Shop: 440-949-8934
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