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Saturday, August 9, 2014


Lake Erie has been good to all from East to West. perch fishing has fired up from Lorain to Sheffield Lake. Look for fish in 43-49 feet. Limits have been coming and size is good. Shiners have been readily available. Walleye fishing has also been good North off Lorain dump to the Vermilion weather buoy. Avon Point is also producing limits of nice eyes. Pulling harnesses along bottom or run Reef Runners deep have been best bet. Pink ,purple as well as green have been best. There are still a few smallies left in the river as well white bass and cat fishing is good off local pier heads.Just a reminder the Eric Lewis Memorial Tournament is coming Aug.23. Don't forget are fishing hotline 1-440-949-8935.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Lake Erie has given us another great week. Walleye fishing has remained really good. Pulling worms on Avon Point, trolling cranks in tight as well as open water spoon trolling all working. Lime greens, golds as well as purple all working. Locals and charters have all taken limits from Vermilion to Avon Point with both the South edge and North edge of the dump being good as well. There has been good schools of fish along the shoreline as well as off shore but keep in mind these fish are moving up and down in the water column with every passing front.
Perch fishing has decent with best catches coming off Beaver Creek and  Avon Point area in 39 feet.
White bass fishing off the pier heads has also remained good with big schools arriving every morning and late afternoon.

Monday, July 7, 2014

07/07/2014 Report

Walleye fishing has been great. Reports are coming in strong from Vermilion to Cleveland. Its been a great past weekend with guys able to catch limits using baits of choice. Silver Streak and Stinger spoons in copper,pink and purples hot. Cranks took limits with reports of 800 Reefs and Matzuo Kinchou Minnow in firetiger , brown perch, and a variety of other colors all working. Worm harnesses double willow as well as colorados are all working. The heaviest schools of fish seem to be from 36 feet out to 46 feet. Most guys had success trolling 20 to 25 feet down. Tad poles inlines as well as Dipsys all taking fish. It was one of the best July 4th weekends of wallye fishing I can remember with no signs of slowing down.
Perch fishing has fired up in 39 feet just Northeast of the Avon Lake power plant stacks.
Pier fishing for white bass has turned on with a better size average than years past.

Monday, June 23, 2014

06/23/2014 Report

Fishing walleye has been great with good reports coming in from East to West. 26 to 46 feet from Vermilion all the way to Geneva is scattered pockets of fish. Lorain area has had a hot Reef Runner bite. Running 45 to 85 back with Emerald Shiner, Venomous as well as others are all catching fish. The harness bite is also hot, pulling double willows behind jets and dipsy's, in lines, tadpoles and Colorados in pinks and purples have all been taking limits. Walleye fishing has been about as good as it gets this past weekend.
Perch fishing has been picking up in front off Lorain light house and in front of Miller road boat launch. 

Details coming soon!

Saturday, June 14, 2014


Fishing Report Hotline 1-440-949-8935
Walleye fishing has been great. Fish are spread from Huron to Cleveland in 24 to 44 feet of water. Worm harnesses in purple and anti freeze pink and anti freeze chartreuse have all been hot. Skinny Stix and Reef Runners in bare naked , pearl ghost as well as others are all working. Spoons in purples as well as pinks are pulling fish as well. Its been a great week and you can almost pick your own poison the bite has been so good.
Perch fishing has gotten better with good size fish coming from 28-30 feet off the fog horn in Lorain and Avon Point.
Pan fishing and small mouth fishing in are rivers has remained good.

  Have a great fathers day weekend!

Friday, June 6, 2014

06/06/2014 Report

Fishing Hotline 1-440-949-8934

Walleye fishing has remained good from Huron to Cleveland. Look for fish inside 28 feet and deeper than 34. Reef Runners and JT Custom Husky's in Lights Out,Green Flash as well as Pink Pantie Bare Naked have been good. Pink and purple double bladed willows as well as slow rolling Colorado's have also been good. Fish depths have varied from the to 15 to the bottom 15 so dont get stuck in a pattern.
Perch fishing has remained decent this week with the best spots being, Northwest of the Lorain fog horn and East of Avon Point in 28-34 feet of water.
River fishing for smallmouth and crappie has been good in Vermilion, Cuyahoga, and Black rivers.
Have a great week-end...

Monday, June 2, 2014

06/02/2014 report

This past week gave us stable weather for the most part and we were rewarded with crammed live wells.
Walleye fishing was good from Vermilion to Cleveland. Small schools of fish have been scattered from shallow rocks, 12 feet all the way out to 46 feet. Worm harnesses and cranks ran in the to 15 feet and the bottom 10 have both been working with Ghost fish being a pleasant surprise
(Ghost fish=fish to high to see with finder). Reef Runners, JT Custom Husky's and perfect 10's in bare naked's and shades of green all working. Willow and Colorado blade choice has been anything in anti-freeze, pink backs and green and gold also been good. The past week has also fired the perch up off of Avon Point and Lorain Lighthouse in 28 to 32 feet of water. Shiners have been plentiful and are running a nice size. River fishing will depend on the next few days rain but has remained good for crappie and smallmouth. Small spinners, jigs and minnows are all taking fish. The Fish-Crazy Derby board is changing almost everyday ,check back often for updates.
Its not to late to get in on some really cool prizes and a pocket full of cash.

Fish Crazy Results

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Walleye fishing has taken off! Limits reported from Vermilion to Cleveland. Reef Runners ran in shallow water (16-28Feet) in Red headed watermelon, Green flash as well as Pink Panties Bare Naked all top bets. Run baits as close to the bottom as possible. Boats running deeper (32-38Feet) all reported good catches on pink and purple harnesses. Dipsy's, tadpoles, and in-lines all ran deep are working. Night bite walleye is still in full swing with reports of Lemon lime and Emeralds shiner Perfect 10's working great.
Perch fishing has picked up in shallow water (23-32Feet) with limits coming off Avon Point as well as Lorain. Rivers have started to clean and smallmouth fishing has remained good. Small crank baits as well as jigs are taking fish. Crappie fishing the harbors (Vermilion,Black,Huron) has been great with lots of 12-16" fish taken. Emerald shiners fished under floats have been best with white jigs also working. The outlook for the up coming week is good.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

05/22/2014 Memorial Day Week-End Report

Perch fishing has been spotty with with guys having to move around. Lorain to Avon Point in 38 to 42 feet has been best. Size is very good and making up for numbers.
Walleye fishing has been good. The shoreline bite has been good from Vermilion to Avon. Cranks in Pink Panties and Green Flash have both been working.
The off shore bite from Lorain to Beaver in 38 feet plus have been good, with harnesses and cranks both working. Pinks and purples have all been solid. Reports of spoons starting to fire have also been coming in. Night bite walleye has been great. The shoreline from Vermilion to Cleveland have been producing good numbers and some real big fish. Husky Jerks and Perfect 10s in blue chrome have been good.
Everything points to a great week-end. Have a great Memorial Day.
Fishing Hotline 1-440-949-8935

Thursday, May 15, 2014

05/15/2014 Report

Recent rains have once again changed the game. Rivers are high and dangerous, the lake is of color. Perch and walleye fishing will be tough and will be based on are ability to find clean water. The Spring Fling Walleye Derby is in full swing with leaders as follows:
1. Doug Fair                               28.75"                              12.25lbs
2. Roger Riggs                            29.25"                               9.37lbs
3. William Dudas                         29.25"                               9.14lbs
4. Kevin Lukehart                         29"                                  9.05 lbs
5. Ron Hudak                             27.5"                                9.05lbs

The FishCrazy Derby is also up and running for details check out the following link,

Everyone is having a great time in both events.
The weekend looks like this weather should break and fishing should heat back up.

Thank you Fetha Styx for spending the last few days with us and look forward to some high quality rods and blanks designed just for us. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Meet and Greet 05/12/2014

Tonight we are lucky enough to have Bill Boyce and Gary Shafer here from FethaStyx/Lewis River Rod Company. They are here sharing they're knowledge as well as gathering info on what you would like to see in up coming rods. If your a rod builder and wished you had a good American Made blank with a great warranty to build on? Have a opinion on what would make a great perch rod. Would like a center pin trout rod. Don't like recoils, like recoils, fixed handle, Tennessee?Stop bye tonight. We will be meeting at 5:00 at Erie Outfitters,5404 E.Lake rd. Sheffield Lake. Voice your opinion and have a bite to eat.

The recipe begins with innovative technology and the latest and greatest composites and components available. But the key ingredients to our success are people like you. By listening to anglers for whom fishing isn’t just a hobby, but a lifestyle, we design rods that capture the feeling of perfection. We create the rods that you simply will not want to fish without.
Like a lot of great companies, we’ve grown from humble beginnings. Founded over a decade ago, Fetha Styx began as a custom fishing rod manufacturer, but our reputation for building thoughtfully crafted, high-quality rods soon spread. As demand increased, we created several different series living under the motto “if it swims, we have a rod for it.”
Today our sights are set on the future. With our solid following and reputation in the Pacific Northwest and among fishing rod enthusiasts, we are now expanding our reach to a broader national and international audience. We’ve set up a system of design, manufacturing and distribution that allows us to act quickly to changes or trends within the industry’s global environment –from professional fishermen whose livelihoods depend on access to the highest-quality rods to the weekend angler who wants only the very best.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

5/11/2014 Report/Meet and Greet

                                                               Happy Mothers Day
Perch fishing has been good in 28 to 40 feet from Lorain to Avon Point. Size is good with more than a few jumbos mixed in a 30 fish limit. Walleyes are also being caught by the perch fishermen. Dropping a jigging spoon down has been paying off. Walleye fishing has remained strong out West and is heating up in the Lorain /Vermilion area. Jigs, harnesses, and crank baits all taking fish. Night walleye has been good from Vermilion to Cleveland. Perfect 10s in emerald shiner has been hot. The Spring Derby is in full swing. The latest results are as follows.

Leader Board 2014
1. Doug Fair                               28.75"                              12.25lbs
2. Roger Riggs                            29.25"                               9.37lbs
3. William Dudas                         29.25"                               9.14lbs
4. Eric Andera                             27.5"                                8.855 lbs

Don't forget we will be having a Meet and Great Monday night with Lewis River/Fetha Stix Rod Companies at the shop Monday night at 5:00. Please feel free to show up have some input on Great Lakes Rod production. Everyone is Welcome.

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Erie Outfitters fishing Hot Line 1-440-949-8934
 Rivers are flowing high and muddy and with high winds finding clean water has been a challenge. Perch fishing has remained good to guys running North of muddy water in front of Lorain lighthouse. Walleye fishing during the day has been good between Vermilion and Catawba. Trolling Deep Cranks and pulling meat has both been good. A variety of colors have been working as conditions and water color changes by the hour. Look for fishing to heat up mid week as weather stabilizes.
 Dont for get the Black River clean up 2014 is today , check out they're Facebook page and pitch in and help out if you can its a great opportunity at changing the future of the river. There is also a link to the movie "Bring Back The Black" on Erie Outfitters Facebook page to see the progress already made. Big shot out to LOCO Yaks "Stephanee Moore and Robb Koscho for all they have done.
 Spring Fling leaders so far are
 1. Doug Fair                               28.75"                              12.25lbs
2. William Dudas                         29.25"                               9.14lbs
3. Eric Andera                             27.5"                                8.855 lbs
4.Brian Davidson                         27.25"                               6.89lbs
5. Virgil Davidson                        28"                                   6.865 lbs
Good luck this week!

Monday, April 28, 2014

04/28/2014 Report/Hotline

Perch fishing off Lorain has been great in 40 foot just north of the lighthouse. Look for Avon Lake and Sheffield Lake to get good this up coming week. Bonus walleye have been reported from almost all perch fishermen.
 Walleye fishing is still great from Vermilion to Catawba. Reef Runners ,Skinny Sticks and Huskys have all been working. Anglers pulling meat have also reported good catches, Anti-Freeze pink and painted pink backs have been best so far. Cold fronts have been moving fish around from as few as 10 feet down, all the way to the bottom. Reports have also been coming in from guys casting sonars in 6-12 feet of water. Night walleye from Cleveland to Vermilion has been in full swing, Husky Jerks in blue glass minnow, blue chrome and clown have all taken fish.
 With up coming rains rivers will be rising and turning muddy for the next week.

The Spring Fling Walleye Derby has its first leader, Doug Fair with a 12.25#-28.75" monster. Congratulations are well deserved.

See the latest products at

Please check out are new fishing Hot Line  1-440-949-8935 Look for reports to get better and more detailed as we get better

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

04/22/2014 report

 It looks like spring is finally here. Jigging and trolling from Vermilion to Detroit River has all fired up. Jigging the shoals has been producing quick limits with purple jigs still being top bet. Trolling DHJs, 800 Reef Runners, 300 Skinny Sticks in pinks and purples are all taking fish. Generally around 50 foot leads have been best. Night bite has also fired up with shore anglers and boaters both catching fish. Blue glass as well as silver blue have been best so far.
 Perch fishermen off Lorain have been getting limits with more than a few bonus walleye mixed in. The best depth has been 40 foot so far.
 Crappies have also started to make they're way into marinas but has been tough with muddy water.
 Lake run smallmouth have taken the place of steelhead. Black and white 1/32 jigs have been good.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Outdoor Option

Local Family, Check it Out.

Outdoor Sportman TV Show

What sets The Outdoor Option apart from the other fishing and hunting tv shows? You see an authentic human connection within this family as we follow their outdoor adventures.
Come along with this accomplished and avid outdoorsman trio, a Father, Son, and Daughter, share their outdoor experiences, hunting and fishing, across the vast expanse of North America's natural treasures.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Steelhead have made they're way up rivers and have went straight to gravel. This will mark the end of one of the toughest seasons I've seen in years.
 Walleye are hitting in the island area ,purple hair jigs and trollers are both taking fish. JT Custom pink lemonade and purple freak have both been tops this week. Night walleye has started for casters and trollers as well. Sheffield Lake and Lorain have both been good. Husky Jerks in blue glass minnow is top bait so far.

Monday, April 7, 2014


**NEW**JT Custom Husky-ErieOutfitters.comCream Sickle, Purple Minnow, Camo Gurl

Steelheading the last few weeks has been a bust ,with more rain coming its not looking real good for the remainder of this week. Look for water to clear on smaller streams and rivers by mid week with larger river possibly by the week end.
Walleye fishing has heated up around Catawba/island area. Slow trolling 8-12 down at speeds from .8 to 1.2 mph has been best bet. Deep Jt Custom Huskys and the new Reef Runner Skinny Sticks did the damage the last few days. Look for that bit to stay strong the next few weeks with fish slowly moving East. Look for perch fishing to heat up as soon as the water clears ,traditionally is great off Lorain and Avon early.  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Recent Article about John Milner.

The Building of a Legendary Reel

John Milner was born in 1938 in Birmingham England. He was a master machinist and immigrated to Canada in 1963. It didn’t take long for John to start repairing reels and making plans to design his own reel. In 1964 John finished his first center pin. While working and repairing reels John spent the next ten years dreaming of a reliable, durable reel.
In 1977 John released a small batch of 17 bronze bushing reels called the J.E.M 77. This reel and John›s reputation left the public wanting more. This led to the 1979 release of the now iconic reel called the Talisman.
John eventually retired, moved from Vancouver to Cranbrook B.C and opened John Milner Reels. He continued making reliable, precision hand made reels. As the market started to grow and spread, other reel makers started to pop up and fill local needs. John once again had to evolve and answer to public demand and competition.
In 1999 John responded with the release of an open-faced bushing reel called the Kingfisher. Customers in center pin shops in the U.S and Canada couldn›t stop talking about this reel’s durability and tight tolerances. This back and forth relationship John shared with the public wasn›t common among reel makers. Everyone else put their reel out and hoped the public bought them. John always left you thinking he was making a reel just for you. That relationship is what pushed John to take a risk and redesign his biggest success the Kingfisher.
In 2006 the first 10 ball baring Kingfishers hit the market. I myself remember thinking “What am I doing forking out the cash for a reel I›ve never seen?” The demand for one of these 10’s was so high it was necessary for me to buy one just to have the opportunity to see it. I finally had my hands on one and it was everything I had imagined. It was the classic look of a Kingfisher with a redesigned hub and couldn›t have been any smoother. As far as center pins go this became my first love.
In conjunction with his son Eric, John started a new project. They started with the solid design of the Kingfisher, ported inside of the drum, spool and back plate. The result was a much lighter reel with great start up. In 2008 the Manx was born. It was named for the Manx Norton Motorbike. Just like John’s other reels it had the reputation of reliability, strength and ease of repair.
Today John is still making small batches of hand made reels. This still allows him to make changes or fill requests from reel buyers. He offers the same reel with a variety of options. Almost all his options started as a special request from friends, family or other fisherman. His line up includes a 3.75 inch trout reel called the River Wrath, a 4 inch Manx, a range of 4, 4 3/8 and 5 inch Kingfishers all with a variety of porting options including one named after my dog called the Labrador, and the classic full framed reel the Talisman. Today collectors and fishermen alike prize John Milner’s reels pictured here in the following order: Talisman, Kingfisher, Manx and Labrador.
Craig Lewis
Craig Lewis

Craig Lewis


    Monday, March 17, 2014


    Looks like spring maybe finally here. In just a few weeks we should see enough open water to pull a few cranks. Along with all the new goodies to hit the market, Reef Runner has releases a new bait called the Skinnystick. The new body bait is 4.5" long and has flat sides unlike any other Reef Runner to date. Its also important to note this bait is designed and made in the USA including the hooks. This bait should be a big hit this spring.  Steelhead fishing has also finally started, with rivers ice free and dropping should be a great finish to this week. Look for fresh pushes to show up with the up coming warm front.

    Wednesday, March 5, 2014

    New Site Coming Soon.

    New site coming soon. More info, more reports, larger catalog, and more fun. We will be working hard to bring you a new in just the next few weeks. Please feel free to call (1-440-949-8934) if we can help you until construction is completed.

    Thursday, February 20, 2014

    02/20/2014 Blades

    Every year as the shelves fill up with this years line up of of new baits and colors, I feel the excitement of this years season. Here is a sneak peak at this years blade line up.
     New size 6 Silver Streaks in holographs and glow patterns.
    More than 180 color options with a variety of anti-freeze, and painted backs. Size 5 and willow options available.

    Wednesday, February 12, 2014

    JT Custom Tackle's Spring Line Up

    With spring soon setting in, these new JT Custom walleye colors will defiantly get the walleye blood pumping.

    Thursday, January 30, 2014

    01/30/2014 Winter Shows

    Here at the shop the wife and I just returned from a 2 day buyer show. W.L.Baumler puts on a great show held at Saw Mill Creek resort. I like the fact they are a local distributor right here in Lorain Ohio. Its always nice to get a small jump on anglers looking for the newest products to hit the market. I will take the opportunity to tell you about a few really cool new products.  Pictured above is a sample of Koppers Live Target Bait Balls. All I can say is WOW! Im not sure Ill ever catch a fish on one but this whole line is really awesome looking. They come in a variety of sizes,shapes and even a wide range of bait fish choices. On looks alone I have to try them. Reef Runner has also brought a new bait to market called the Skinny Stick. Its a 4 1/2 body length and a unique flat sided, slender shape. It can be trolled from .5 to 3.5 and reach depths of 21 to 24 feet. This bait will for sure be a hit on those spring Western basin walleye. This bait offers another bonus as all components, including the hooks are designed, tested, and made right here in the USA. Look for more updates and new products in days to come.   

    Call Us at The Shop: 440-949-8934

    Call Us at The Shop: 440-949-8934
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