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Friday, August 31, 2012

End of August

Perch fishing has remained great from Vermilion to Rocky River in 37-41 feet. Emeralds are hard to find so be prepared to fish frozen.
Walleye fishing has also been good at the Vermilion weather buoy. Fish are also being reported to be returning to the shoreline in the Vermilion area. Flicker Shads and husky jerks have been best along shoreline and harnesses are still best bet out deep.
We are also seeing steelhead in are lower tributarys in the early morning and late afternoon. Jigs and sacs have been best so far.
Just a reminder of are kids water fowl tune up is coming fast.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Walleye fishing North of the bar has remained great. Reef Runners(120+ back) and worm harnesses(35 down) are still best bet. Pinks and oranges have been best.
Perch fishing has been great from Vermilion to Avon Point in 38-40 feet. For this time of year it some of the best perching we have seen in a long time.
Steelhead fishing has started in the lower tribs ,they are low in numbers but there are a few being caught.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Perch Time

Perch fishing has really picked up with some really nice fish. 37-40 feet just North of Vermilion to Sheffield Lake they are stacked. Walleye fishing is still great just North of the sand bar, worm harnesses and Reef Runner in the middle of the water column is still best bet. They're are a few fish still being taken in the rocks in Vermilion and off Avon Point. Pink has defiantly been the color ,with Pretty Panties, Patrick and Chrome Panties leading the way.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Walleye Time!

Lorain is showing us why it is one of the best year round fishery's going. August 7 it still as good as ever and showing no signs of slowing down. North of the bar is lights out. Dipsy/ worm harnesses, in lines with harnesses and Reef Runners are all working. Plenty of fish Ohio's in the mix, its defiantly worth fishing for the guys looking for a trophy.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer Walleye At It's Best

Local perch fishing has finally picked up. Look for fish from Beaver Creek to Rocky River in 40-42 feet.
Walleye fishing has continued to be hot. Avon Point and Vermilion rock piles are still producing with fish being taken on spinners pulled just of bottem with pinks, purples and lime green being tops. Lorain continues to be the best spot going. Look for the best numbers North of the sand bar with fish running 30 feet down to the bottem. Purple harnesses have been the best producers with Reef Runners are also taking fish.
Steelhead reports remain slow with most coming from out East in 72 feet of water.

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