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Friday, October 26, 2012

What a Fall!

 What a fall it has turned out to be. The perch fishing has been as good as its been for years. Look for limits in 38'-44' from Lorain to Cleveland. Most have been keeping all 10"plus. No reason to believe that once the lake calms we should see it get even better.
 The walleye fishing has fired up at night off  Vermilion as well as a few fish coming from Cleveland as well. Trolling Husky Jerk deep divers in Pink Lemonade and Fire tiger on 10'-40' leads have been best. Fishermen have been starting in 28' and getting shallower heading into darkness. The last few nights produced good size and good numbers. Alot of big fish have made the Fall Brawl board, great job!
Steelhead fishing should really fire off with this weeks cold and rain. Fish have piled up in river mouths waiting for flow rates to increase. Normally fresh pushes mean you can catch them in numerous ways. Beads ,egg patterns ,spawn as well as jigs will all take fish the next few weeks. Don't worry about what they will eat ,fish conditions, clean water small,dirty water large.
 The shop has a great selection of eggs right now. Hope to see you all soon....................

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New Fall Brawl

This week has brought us a new Fall Brawl Leader ,Ron Hudak with a 9.735 toad. Walleye fishing has been tough but guys willing to put in the time are taking some huge fish.
 Rain has started falling so we should see steelhead fishing as a whole get a lot better.
 Perch fishing has been great with Avon Lake being top spot. Limits are expected with fish from 10" up.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Leaves Have Changed

 The leaves changing have signaled fall is here along with the giant night walleyes. Trolling F-18s and Husky Jerks in 9-21 feet at 1.5-1.9mph have been producing the seasons first. Good Luck to all the Fall Brawl contestants.
 Steelhead fishing has been tough with low water, hopefully with rain in the forecast we will see good pushes from East to West. The shop has plenty of eggs ready for this upcoming season. Riversedge Floats photo contest has just taken off, look for some great fish porn in up coming weeks.
 Perch fishing has remained hot ,with the seasons biggest fish being taken the last few days.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Its that time of year again, some are finding sleep hard to come by with steelhead on the brain. Kings have made they're way up the rivers East and West of us. Steelhead and brown trout have started up in P.A. Right here in Ohio we are seeing some solid numbers of steelhead in all the creeks Vermilion to Conneaut. Eggs are available now so don't wait till the supply dries up.
 Perch fishing is as good as it gets here off of Avon Lake look for them in 38' to 45'.
The walleye bite is picking up off Vermilion with harnesses and cranks both working.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Steelhead, Traving Kings,West End Walleye,Perch

 Perch fishing does not get any better. 36'- 42' a good old Lake Erie Shiner is all that's needed to load the freezer.
 Walleye fishing is starting to get back to normal. Look for trophy's from Vermilion to Cedar Point in 16-28'. Reef Runners, Deep Huskies and worm harnesses are all taking fish.
With fall weather patterns the bite can be tuff ,so if you see calm water and a rising barometer , its time to get out there.
 Its that time of year again, silver fish chasers are heading to are sister states. Salmon fishing is in full swing with fresh kings still pushing. Chunk skein fishing in the low rivers is still great. Drifting large flies as well as skein upper river is also still getting fish to bite.
 Steelhead fishing locally is heating up, with every rain bringing up fresh pushes. Jigs as well as bags are working for the guys and girls fishing the marinas. Minnow and egg patterns ,jigs ,spawn are all working in the middle and upper sections of river. Probally the best early season action we have seen in years.

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