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Friday, June 29, 2012


The "Sweet" Spot of Lake Erie Lorain, Ohio
Anglers Insight Marketing Published June 7, 2012The second stop on the AIM Professional Walleye Series will be hosted by the Lorain Port Authority in Loraine, OH. Lorain is located in northeastern Ohio on Lake Erie at the mouth of the Black River, about 30 miles west of Cleveland. Scheduled out of the Black River Landing and Black River Wharf this event will be held from June 28-30, 2012. Loraine is the true 'sweet' spot of Lake Erie for a June tournament. The natural migration of big Lake Erie walleyes is from the primary spawning grounds in the western basin to the vast open water of the eastern basin during the summer.AIM Pro angler Mark Brumbaugh from Arcanum, OH is considered one of America's leading experts on fishing, for walleye on Lake Erie. He considers Ohio's lakes, rivers, reservoirs and state waters of Lake Erie as his home waters. He's had several first place finishes, with his most notables including: Winner of the PWT Championship on Michigan's Saginaw Bay in 1995 and winner of the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Gator Classic right out of Lorain, OH in 2009.Mark notes that, at this time of year these fish should be in the 8 to12 pound class. It will be Lake Erie open water trolling and the bite should be great. The Black River Landing and Black River Wharf have good ramps and there is a big protected harbor. I will be running a Lund 208 GL with a Mercury 300 PRO to handle the big waters of Erie.When asked if this early warmer than normal spring has affected the migration of the walleye to the area, Mark stated that the weather is back to more seasonal now and if it stays that way the fish will be right there. Usually June brings nice weather with south winds. Mark said that the water is deeper and rocky in that part of the lake so it stays cleaner too. Mark's main job is a grain farmer so sometimes it's hard for him to fish the spring events, but he said he would not trade it for anything. Having an understanding wife certainly helps and Mark has been happily married to his wife Terri for 13 years.Mark feels the best techniques will be 'Anything you want to pull---spinners, spoons, and cranks!' Since walleyes are migrating from the western to the eastern basin they should be positioned around the infamous sandbar. Mark explains the sandbar as A big hump in the lake that the fish use as structure. It's 40 plus feet deep to the west and goes down to the deepest parts of the lake to the east.AIM member Keith Kavajecz said 'although this is the first time AIM will be having a tournament out of Lorain, we have fished past events in the summer further east in Cleveland and Dunkirk, but often ended up running back to the west to get to the best fishing; the Lorain takeoff point should put us right in the heart of the best fishing.Keith added, 'Like most Great Lakes tournaments, we will be concentrating on suspended fish. Water temp and visibility will be key factors in positioning the walleyes in the water column. I will be fishing out of my Nitro boat with a 225 Mercury Optimax to handle the waters of Erie. I will also be using my Lowrance HDS units extensively to try to search out the schools of larger walleyes. One nice thing about these units is that I can search at 20 to 25 mph and still see the arcs made by the suspended walleyes. They appear much shorter (since the boat is traveling over them faster), but with the HDS units, big fish still show up with some yellow in the arc (indicating a strong return and a larger fish).'Keith also stated that 'another factor may be the thermocline. Often the active fish will be above this intersection of the cold bottom waters and the warming surface waters. Again the HDS units are great at showing the depth of the thermocline, it shows up as a fuzzy line at a consistent depth. Then by using tools like the Precision Trolling data (which should be available as an IPhone App by June), I can position my baits above the thermocline right in the eating zone.' Keith feels the Co-anglers will get to see a variety of trolling set ups from down riggers and Dipseys to trolling boards and in-line weights. I will mainly be using the Offshore Side Planers to get my baits spread out to the side and reduce spooking of the suspended fish. 'When we have fished this area in the past, I have had to go to using 10lb FireLine to get my deep diving cranks to dive deeper than they do on mono and we'll probably be letting out a ton of line to get down to the fish. I image that I might also have to use Snap Weights (Pro Weights) or Bass Pro Fish Weights, especially if it is a spinner bite instead of a crank bite.'Lorain County is considered to be a part of what is locally referred to as Greater Cleveland. Lorain is sometimes referred to as Steel City mainly because of its well-known steel mill. The City of Lorain originally began as the small village named "Mouth of Black River", named at that time for its exact location on the west side of the mouth of the Black River. The industries such as shipbuilding, steelmaking, and fishing brought people, money and railroads to the area. It's the awesome fishery that's bringing the AIM Anglers to the Lorain area and the potential for record breaking fish weights. 2010 Angler of the Year Robert Blosser will most certainly be there too. Robert caught an impressive weight of 139.46 pounds with only 21 fish the last time he fished a tournament in this area! With AIM's CRR format the sky's the limit on the type of weights that could be recorded so you won't want to miss this event. With simple words that speak volumes to all fishermen who love to fish the waters of Erie, Keith Kavajecz closes by saying--'Big Water and Big Fish--SWEET!'

Monday, June 25, 2012


Erie Outfitters welcomes all AIMs Pros and Non-boaters to town this week. This past weeks fishing has been great. Walleyes are being caught around the edges of the sand bar, edges of the dump, weather buoy ,along rock shore lines as well as small schools scatered from Vermilion to Rocky River. Toxic Pink, Copper Hot Rod as well as Happy Hooker have been great spoons. Pink Lemonaid and Pink Panties have been the best Reef Runners. Harnesses are still king, in anything pink and purple. Look for fish to be suspended 20 to 30 feet down.
Perch fishing really fired up with lots of fish over 10" and everyone taking limits. 37' East of Lorain ,Sheffield Lake and Avon Point have all been firing.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


This weeks fishing has been great. Perch fishing has fired up from Beaver to Avon Lake. 37' to 41' has been the best.
Walleye fishing has remained strong with the deeper you go the better. Worm harnesses are still king with Reef Runners in Red Headed Bare Naked and Pink Panties taking big fish. Look for fish in the top 25 feet of the water. A big thanks to JT Custom for actually making my flicker shad worth running!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Walleye fishing has been great this past week. Fish are being found scattered along the shore line, off structures like the Lorain and Rocky River dumps as well as off-shore in 52-54' of water. Purples and pinks seem to be the colors of choice. Silver Steak colors like Pink Panties, JTs Purple Scale as well Reef Runners Purple Barly Nakeds are all great colors. Spoons have finally made a come back this year taking limits this past week.
Perch are back! This week has brought us limits of great size perch in 37' of water just outside Lorain and into Avon Lake.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Walleye Tournament.

With big wind came a big bite from West of Lorain to spots East of Cleveland. With a hot tip from Capt.Frank of Y-KNOT Charters, Monday, I headed just North of the Lorain Light House armed with crawler harnesses. We chose to run willows and Off-shores tadpole weights in size 2 at a little higher speed than we have been. Chartreuse backed blades ant 1.7 to 2.1 ,28 feet back was the ticket. We boated 10 fish including a few big boys but over all a real mix today ,with fish from 2 to 10. For the upcoming tournament we should have a lot to offer and my even see record bags. Here's a copy of AIM's press release.
The Lorain Port Authority will host the second tournament of the 2012 AIM Pro Walleye Series™ schedule out of the Black River Landing and Black River Wharf. The Pro-Am fishing tournament will be held June 28 to 30, 2012. This beautiful area located along the Southern shore of big Lake Erie in Northeast Ohio will provide the perfect backdrop for what should be a very memorable event. Lake Erie is of course famous not only for the vast numbers of walleyes it produces each year for the recreational anglers, but also the enormous amount of walleyes it produces over 10 pounds. Tournament entry fees are $1,200 for each pro and $300 for each co-angler. Pros are competing for one hundred percent of all pro team entries, however that percentage could rise.

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