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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Big Walleye . Fresh Steelhead

Walleye from Vermilion to Huron is about as good as it gets. Reef Runner 800s in Pink Lemonade , Citrus Shad , Moon Eye as well as many others all working. Running baits in the top 20 feet at speeds of 1.3mph to 1.7mph are producing coolers of 6-9 pounds. Steelhead fishing is getting better with every rain. Fish have moved into all of are tributaries. Spawn bags, jigs and maggots as well as many flys have been working. Perch fishing is still tuff but small batches are finally being caught off the Avon Point.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Steelhead,Night Bite Walleye

Fall colors are perfect, and rivers full of steelhead are just one of many reasons to get out. Recent rains have loaded are rivers full of steelhead. Eastern rivers have cleared first and are giving up plenty of chrome. With rain on and off ,check flow rates often to get on the best water. Spawn ,jigs as well as beads all taking fish.
Walleye during the day are being caught from Lorain to Vermilion. 800 reefs in charchuese/redhead ,green flash ,pink lemonade ,sun spots as well as others have all been working. Night bite walleye are in full swing with husky jerks in blue and silver working well. Ron Hudack has the first walleye on the board in the fall brawl.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


With rain falling steelhead fishing will be in full swing. Reports of fresh fish are coming from East to West. From recent report big fish are in good numbers, lots of 10 to 12# fish. Beads, spoons ,eggs as well as flys have all produced fish this week. The next time rivers drop will be worth wile for everyone to get out. We still have eggs available in a variety of cures including local favorites. Guys making the journey to New York and P.A. are all reporting great trips with plenty of steel.
The local "Walleye Fall Brawl" is causing some chatter with guys itching to get out on some of these huge fall walleye.
perch fishing should be great as soon as we can get out on the water. Guys trying to fill the freezer know this is the best time to get on those jumbos.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Well now it looks and feels like Fall.

With salmon running in are sister states ,steelhead season is finally here.
Cooler weather and rain rolling in ,we should see the best fall steelheading in years. Reports from East to West have been good. Fish have moved freely threw out most systems. Spawn bags ,jigs as well as streamers are all catching fish. Eastside streams are rising and West side rivers are dropping ,we all should have great opportunities by early week. Looks like walleye and perch fishing is gonna be put on hold a few days. Rough and dirty water will make things tuff. Check back for reports come early week.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rains a good thing!

With this weeks rain coming we should see fresh pushes of fish. Getting ride of leaves and silt will just make things even that much better. Rivers from East to West including the creeks already have pretty good numbers. Low in the river system is a good bet. Spawn bags ,jigs ,as well as streamers will all work this time of year. Looks like with a rough Lake perch and walleye fishing will get put on hold for a few days. Off to cure more salmon eggs as it is the season. If you looking for fresh now is the time to stop bye.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oct 8

Walleye fishing has been picking up on the edge of the sand bar in front of Vermilion/Beaver area. Running spoons, reefs or meet have all been working. Keep baits in the top 15 feet. Perch fishing has been spotty with best catches coming from the sandbar as well.
Steelhead fishing has been good from Vermilion to Conneaut creek. Trolling or throwing spoons in the river mouths have been great. Guys up the river are having luck drifting spawn ,small flys or jigs are all doing well.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Wind and rain has been a blessing to steelheaders but a big headache for the walleye and perch fisherman. Rivers have swollen and let fresh runs of steelhead move freely threw out are rivers and should be a great week. Smaller rivers will fish as early as Monday with others to fish bye the end of week. Jigs, spawn bags and streamers have all worked this past week. Will keep you updated on river conditions later in week. New shipment of Dan Bailey waders have been a big hit. Nothing like staying dry standing in the river all day.
Walleye and perch fisherman have a calm week to look forward to. A day are two will be needed to clean up, but midweek looks good. Right before the blow ,perching was top notch on Avon Point, with Lorain producing slightly smaller limits. Reports of walleyes were picking up. Don't forget to check out are fall brawl walleye derby.

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